Electric Ballroom Camden – Iconic Music Venue


The tour bares the same name as OBITUARY ‘s ninth blow upon this earth. Inked In Blood.
For 30 years, one of the pillars of Death Metal and yet again, Inked in Blood is unmistakably Obituary.
Kick ass on recording-Great on stage. not on camera. So leave your cellphones home, for once and join the pit Old school style!!

Obituary will be accompanied by the great… MPIRE OF EVIL …. what… don’t know them I hear you think? Well does the names of Black Metal legends Mantas and The Demolition man former Venom. rings a bell to you? I bet your sweet behind it does!
With Mpire of Evil they will rip Y’all new assholes! Black..Evil ..and RAW as fuck.

But before that :
DUSTBOLT. will take the stage with their pure energetic Trash Metal they sure will loosen up the neck muscles and leave you begging. screaming, for more.

But First
The evenings opener: ROTTING EPUGNANCY Trust me. Be in early! you realy don’t want to miss out on them.
Their Gore ridded death metal will make you as happy as a pig in shit. Drenching yourself ina crust of Gore. Stripping away all social enforced bullshit, To release the true rocking metal beast within you.
Ready to mosh your guts out on Rotting repugnancy. Trashing the place on Dustbolt. Get your Horns up with Mpire of Evil and Slowly rot with Obituary

Tidal Concerts Presents


Doors:                           6.00pm

Ticket Price:                  £20.00 advance