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Hasan Raheem 

The Concert Cornershop, YOSN Events & Farmhouse Music are proud to announce Hasan Raheem Live in London!

The Wonder Kid Making Waves in Pakistani Music – Forbes

A certified medical doctor, the ‘Breakthrough Artist of 2021’ and without a doubt, one of the most electric performers that Pakistan has ever produced – Hasan Raheem has won over an entire generation of dedicated fans across the globe with his versatility and command of multiple musical genres.

Positioned at the crossroads of a massive culture shift in Pakistani indie music, Hasan has drawn upon his own mastery of local and international genres to create his signature sound – heavily prescribed doses of pop, R&B, Soul and Electro singles that have elevated him to the pinnacle of the Pakistani music industry.

Hailing from the Gilgiti mountains, Hasan released his first solo album “Nautanki” (best translated in English as ‘Drama’) on the eve of the 2023 New Year, impressing upon his audiences’ unique expressions of love and all that love entails – joy, pain, tenderness and melancholy that every single one of us can connect with.

In Hasan’s words: “I spend a lot of time thinking about how to express the changes within feelings. We either love or hate ‘change’. There isn’t any middle – you have to pick a side. Love as subject matter challenged me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I don’t regret any instances that ‘love’ has put me through, as it has shaped me into what I am today.

Many people and things move me. This is why I continue to create music.”

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7.00PM | £36